Football training: Focusing on stamina

Image source: ytimg.com

It’s easy to dismiss soccer as a lazy sport since many times, soccer players can be seen lightly jogging around the pitch.  But this is a misconception.  Soccer players only take it easy if the ball is far from them.  In close proximity, however, players sprint for and after the ball like there’s no tomorrow.  And even when the ball is far, players have to run to make sure they are in position when the ball is passed to their area.

For all you soccer players out there, here are a few drills to help you with your stamina.

Drill #1:  Run as fast as you can while dribbling the ball.  Start first with 20 yards, then gradually increase the sprint.  Leave the ball at the end point, sprint back to where you started, then run back to the ball.  Rest for around 20-25 seconds before repeating in the opposite direction.

Image source: ertheo.com

Drill #2:  This is similar to the first drill, except that you have a partner.  Dribble the ball up 20-30 yards and leave it to your partner.  Sprint back to your starting position as your partner dribbles up to you before he sprints back to his starting position.  Modify this drill by increasing the distance between you and your partner.

Drill #3:   Another drill that requires a partner, set up points around the pitch that are more or less 20 yards apart.  Take turns passing to each point.  The one being passed to should sprint to the point where the ball is headed.  Modify this by changing the power of the passes.

Hello, I’m John Eilermann, a huge fan of the beautiful game, football.  I’m also a World War 2 enthusiast.  Learn more about me and the stuff I love by following me on Twitter.

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