Musings on the two greatest football players of this generation

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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have by far, been the two greatest football players in the last ten years.  Sure, there are other notable footballers, but none whose star shone as bright as these two.  Both Messi and Ronaldo have commanded their own following, with loyalties that often erupted into vicious social media debates.

So, who is the better football player.  Let’s compare them.

Messi is a small fellow, but a genius on the pitch.  A little more reserved style-wise than his Argentinian predecessor, Diego Maradona, Messi is a quick-witted, calculating attacker with astounding skills and vision.  He can dribble the ball just as well as any footballer in history and can run circles around defenders.

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Ronaldo on the other hand, is the complete package, from the looks to the ferocity on the pitch.  He is fire personified in football, with an eye for goals on an unprecedented level.  Ronaldo can score the most spectacular goals from anywhere.

Messi, throughout his historic run as a multiple Footballer of the Year winner, has had the benefit of having Iniesta and Xavi supporting him.  On the world stage, Messi has come close to winning the Cup once, but faltered against Germany.

On this note, Ronaldo has the upper hand.  The Portuguese phenomenon rises to the occasion when Messi cannot.  Just look at his accomplishments in the past Champions League and World Cup campaigns.

Who do you think is better?  Sound off in the comments section below.

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Should you start posting book reviews online?  

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One of my mentors told me that I should also journal my thoughts about the books I’m currently reading.  As a voracious reader, of course I’d have a lot to say especially if I’m enjoying what I’m reading.   Surprisingly, some of my friends also do this but in online spaces.  If you’re planning on sharing your thoughts with other readers through blogs or sites like Goodreads and Amazon, here’s why you should start:

To practice active reading skills

For lit students like me, sometimes we end up not fully understanding the required reading.  Taking notes and sharing our impressions or understanding about what’s happening in the book will help us become more active readers even if it can feel like we’re just breezing through the material.

To help authors and publishing professionals

Whether it’s a good or bad review, most authors appreciate their readers talking about their work.  Most of the authors I know are glad that people now have a space where they can critique or extol what they’ve read.  Through the reviews they’ll understand what works and what they need to work on.  Getting reactions from readers is crucial even with an editor or a publisher’s input.

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To share your love for an author or series

I’m sure that you also have a favorite author.  It’s also likely that you’ve enjoyed a series of books from the same person.  Sharing your thoughts on their work might lead other readers to pick up their books.  Some base their next reads on Amazon or Goodreads ratings.  If you put in a good word for your favorites, this will help them expand their readership.  So share your love and keep supporting your favorite wordsmiths.

For those who are wondering if they should post their reviews online, I encourage you to do so.  It’s always nice to share our insights about books.  It’s a great way for us to learn, understand, and grow our love for the written word.

Hello there!  My name is John Eilermann, a Comparative Literature student based in St. Louis.  I’ve always believed that reading books provide the foundations for sound critical thinking that applies to all fields.  For similar reads, visit this page.