How to enlist for the US army

Every day, the citizens of the United States of America enjoy freedom at the utmost extent. This is why it should be the duty of every citizen to uphold the country’s sovereignty in their own ways. For some citizens, this means enlisting in the US army to help protect the country and its citizens from foreign adversaries. According to history buff John Eilermann, the country has had several widespread attempts at recruiting men and women into the United States Army over the last few decades. While the army is not as aggressive as it was in previous decades in terms of recruiting new blood, there are still those who are interested in joining the ranks. Here is how you can enlist for the US army.

Image source: dod.defense.gov

Enlisting for the US army requires a set of strict criteria before a recruit is even considered. The primary criteria needed for anyone to enlist is that they should first be a citizen of the United States of America, or a resident alien. Other requirements include falling under the age bracket of 17 and 34, with 17 year olds requiring parental consent. A high school diploma is also required for the enlistment, as well as the condition that the cadet should not have more than two dependents.

Image source: commons.wikimedia.org

Applicants should also be able to pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, as well as pass the Military Entrance Processing Station medical exam. The ASVAB measures the recruit’s knowledge in aspects of arithmetic, comprehension, general science, auto shop, mechanical comprehension, and coding speed to name a few. And the MEPS is necessary to ensure that the applicant is of a healthy stature. According to John Eilermann, applicants have different reasons for enlisting. Besides the opportunity to defend your country, the army also provides benefits such as healthcare, life insurance, tax advantage, and tuition assistance.

John Eilermann lives in Chicago and is mostly fixated on baseball and soccer. He is also deeply interested in World War II facts and memorabilia. Know more about Mr. Eilermann by visiting this page.

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