Football as an adult recreational activity

John Eilermann. Football is the most popular sport in the world. Everywhere, people from all walks of life enjoy the beautiful game. Whether as a spectator or a player, football is exciting and fun.

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Football is also good exercise, albeit a tad demanding, physically. However, adults shouldn’t let this detract them from taking it on as a hobby later on in life. Many individuals, well into their adulthood, still play football to stay fit and to meet new people. John Eilermann.

Pick-up games are the norm for adults. There are parks where older people organize football games and allow strangers to play, as well. If one is a beginner, they learn how to play the game quickly through these games. However, if a person truly has no background in the game, they may want to practice first.

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John Eilermann. Today, there are indoor as well as outdoor facilities that cater to the football enthusiast. There’s also an abundance of gear and equipment available for safety and for playing on different surfaces.

And when they condition themselves further, there are leagues in which an individual may join for a more competitive atmosphere. But this is only recommended when they have indeed reached a level wherein they’d be more of an asset than a liability on the pitch. John Eilermann.



How playing Dungeons & Dragons can improve one’s writing

Getting writing ideas from Dungeons & Dragons — John Eilermann St. Louis

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In the writing community, there are a lot of ways to get inspired. Some authors read a lot of books, some go out and experience the world. In the genre of fantasy, resources aren’t as abundant as other genres. People are often limited to fantasy novels, movies, TV series, as well as video games. There is one table top game that has withstood the test of time and is still popular today. That game is Dungeons & Dragons. John Eilermann St. Louis.

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Dungeons & Dragons is a turn-based tabletop game that requires a lot of creative thinking to be able to progress. Its narrative can be bound to adventure books or can be open to the imagination of the dungeon master (DM) and the players. This is what makes playing the game a good jump-off point for fantasy writers.

John Eilermann St. Louis. A writer can also use in-game scenarios to see how situations pan out. It’s also a great way for a writer to see how other players react to actions and learn from how other people play their characters.

From brave and dashing to ridiculously inane actions, a writer can test all of these in real-time when playing Dungeons & Dragons. It’s also a good way of learning how to role-play your own character, as well as see how others would do it. John Eilermann St. Louis.