Two of the most iconic fighter jets of the Allies in WWII

John Eilermann. World War II was the most destructive of all wars known to man. It had countless events that would live forever in infamy. As a whole, it was the darkest stain on human history with millions upon millions of lives lost.

Image source: thoughtco.com

However, there were flashes of brilliance and heroism that sprung forth from such a horrific period in history. Tales of bravery and triumph lived long after the dust settled. And many good memories came out of WWII. John Eilermann.

This blog salutes two of the most iconic fighter jets to ever soar the skies for the Allied contingent and briefly remember the service their pilots rendered.

Image source: wikipedia.org

P-51 Mustang: The greatest of all the American planes in the war, the P-51 Mustang was a mean machine. It was on par with other great fighters at the time, such as the Brit’s Spitfire and the Focke-Wuff FW 190 of the Germans. The P-51 was fast, strong, extremely agile, and packed quite a punch, with its six .50 cal Browning machine guns. John Eilermann.

Supermarine Spitfire: While the P-51 was America’s choice, the Brit’s had the Supermarine Spitfire, which was arguably the most iconic fighter plane in all of WWII. Historians, engineers, and pilots everywhere still talk about how elegant the Spitfire was, and how formidable. It became one of the most endearing and enduring symbols of heroism and the war. John Eilermann.

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