Discover the joy in reading books with these tips

Many people see reading as a tedious task due to their background or misconceptions. Though the activity may seem uninteresting, it’s never too late to start and find joy in it. Below are some ways that can motivate a person to pick up a book. John Eilermann St. Louis.

Image source: Pexels.com

Take small steps: A lot of people aspire to build up a reading habit. Unfortunately, they get intimidated when they encounter hundreds of pages. Instead of choosing novels, starting with short stories, will encourage a person to enjoy a narrative that won’t take a long time to finish. John Eilermann St. Louis.

Read about an interesting topic: Reading is usually associated with required readings, book reports, and other academic activities that can somewhat make people feel anxious or inadequate. To replace these connections with positive feelings, one can develop a reading habit by choosing books on topics they find interesting. John Eilermann St. Louis.

Image source: Pexels.com

Find a reading buddy or group: There are lots of people out there who love reading. Those who want to start a reading habit will feel more motivated to continue with an accountability partner or by joining a club. Exchanging ideas about great reads and finding recommendations will set a new reader in the right direction. John Eilermann St. Louis.

Associate the activity with something enjoyable: Some might associate reading with an overly silent library or a tension-filled classroom. Those who want to start enjoying the written word don’t have to read in the same place. One can read in a coffee shop, in a garden, by the pool, or while lounging at the beach. Finding a happy place is essential to motivate a person to keep on reading. John Eilermann St. Louis.


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