Is flag football for you?

John Eilermann. Whenever the Super Bowl comes to a close, every fan is seeking to satisfy their craving for some football fix. If a friendly game of catch turns into a serious three-on-three match with loved ones during college football season, then it could be time to look into flag football as a hobby.

Image source: cfl.ca

Even for die-hard football fans, full-contact football may not be the best sport for them. Flag football allows individuals to play the beloved sport without the dangers of getting tackled by an opponent. One of the reasons people choose to play flag football is its safety. Yes, players can still get injured in the game, but it’s significantly safer than full-contact football. John Eilermann.

Much like any other sport, flag football improves mental health. As a team sport, it allows players to be surrounded by supportive coaches and teammates, which boosts one’s sense of mental well-being. Flag football is a competitive sport that teaches adults and kids alike about teamwork that turns into selflessness. Invaluable life skills such as leadership, time management, and goal setting can be learned through the structure of the sport. John Eilermann.

Image source: mesaparks.com

Many athletes find flag football a great cross-training from their main sport. Also, playing this sport encourages one to meet new friends, forming lifelong teammates in them. Flag football can be a simple weekend thing among friends or a serious league that requires training and determination from an athlete. Regardless, it is fun, exciting, and rewarding to play the sport. John Eilermann.

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