Veterans in the workforce: How can companies create a welcoming environment?

John Eilermann. Military personnel deciding to enter the civilian workforce may find their new lifestyle different from their active duty days. Because some of these veterans spent many years defending their country, they need time and skills to adjust to a new workplace. What can companies do to create a welcoming environment for these people?

Image source: Chron.com

Make the working environment healthy and inclusive.

John Eilermann. Many veterans struggle to reintegrate into society. While they were out in the field, the home they once knew might have drastically changed. Making them feel that they belong in a community even in their workplace will allow them to interact better with their workmates and superiors.

Image source: Entrepreneur.com

Offer opportunities for career advancement.

Veterans might need to update some of the essential skills required for them to perform their job. Companies should give them opportunities to hone their skills as well as learn new ones.
Many of these former military men and women are actively seeking training and education so that they can advance their careers. They will surely appreciate working for a company that encourages their professional growth. John Eilermann.

Encourage open communication

In the military, these men and women usually ask permission before they can speak when facing their superiors. In a civilian workplace, allowing open communication will encourage them to ask questions, seek help, and even share what they know. One way to have an inclusive working environment is to have a policy that prioritizes honest yet faithful communication among co-workers. John Eilermann.

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