How soccer skyrocketed in the United States

With the United States Women’s National Football Team winning the World Cup last year, it can be said that soccer has never been bigger in the U.S. Even with other professional sports still reigning over fans and viewership, soccer isn’t that far behind – at least not anymore. John Eilermann.

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Truth be told, while soccer is played in almost every city in the U.S., it never really did get the support it should have. Soccer in the U.S. could have been as big as basketball or baseball but, for some reason, there was always a disconnect between American sports fans and the sport. For starters, the low-scoring game was always seen as boring.

But not anymore. John Eilermann.

Not only has youth participation soccer programs in the U.S. become the highest in the world, the increasing interest due to the success of the Women’s National Team and the gradual influx of big name superstars in Major League Soccer (MLS), the premier soccer league in the U.S., have contributed to the sport gaining not only fan but financial support. John Eilermann.

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Today, MLS merchandise, as well as the National Team jerseys, are notching record sales. Ticket sales at U.S. soccer stadiums are increasing as well. This upward trend is a good sign, if only for the beautiful game to spread its reach further and farther around the world. John Eilermann.



Improve reading speed with these techniques

John Eilermann St. Louis. Reading can take so much time and effort, especially for those who don’t find it fun. But even for those who find comfort in words, finishing one book can be difficult especially when a lot of things are getting in the way. The following techniques can help improve reading speed.

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Follow the words.

John Eilermann St. Louis. One of the reasons why people read slowly is that they fail to keep track of the words. When a person gets distracted from reading, it might be hard to return to the last word or sentence. To boost reading speed, use the finger or a pointer such as a pen or a bookmark to track the words on a page physically. This physical movement allows the brain to move as fast as the pointer, leading to more words read and understood.

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Get acquainted with the material.

When reading a book for study or work, starting without any idea what it’s about can interfere with a person’s motivation. It’s alright to read the synopsis, summary, or blurb before settling down to read. This way, a person won’t get into the material feeling lost and clueless. When one knows what the book will tackle, it will be easier to get into the content. John Eilermann St. Louis.

Set a timer.

Pacing reading progress can be helpful, especially for those who have a lot of books on their pile. For those who are experiencing reading burnout, setting a timer will allow them to move forward with the material. Experts say that increasing speed in reading can also facilitate quicker learning compared to passively letting the words pass the mind. John Eilermann St. Louis.