Lower body workouts for explosive performance on the field

For athletes, there are no days off. High-performance athletes need to train the way they do to keep their numbers improving by the day. Football players have days on the field and days at the gym. Here are key lower body workouts for optimal performance. John Eilermann.

Image source: 8weeksout.com

Box blast improves explosive power in the legs and hips, something incredibly important when trying to create space from opponents. Remember to explode through the front leg. The power should come from the hip to the knee, then to the ankle. 10 repetitions each side would be a good starting point. The trouble areas for most football players are the ankles, knees, and hips. Base rotations help develop power in these areas. Bend knees slightly and angle the feet out a bit. Jump off the floor and rotate the hips opposite to where the arms are rotating. John Eilermann.

Image source: researchgate.net

Squat jumps build an athlete’s explosive power while teaching them to land softly. With knees behind the toes, do a vertical jump. Be sure to land softly on the starting position to protect the hips, knees, shins, and ankles. John Eilermann.

Foam rolling may not belong to the list of explosive workouts, but it sure does miracles to an athlete’s tired muscles. It ensures that any spasms, knots, and imbalances formed by heavy and repetitive motion are rolled out through deep compression. Rolling along with areas that may feel pain, tightness, and tension, improves an athlete’s recovery time. John Eilermann.


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