A beginner’s guide to reading longer and more challenging books

Nowadays, reading is a luxury that not many people can do. Most individuals read in order to top exams, survive classes, produce content, and other work-related reasons. When it comes to reading longer and more challenging material, one may have to have a few tricks up their sleeve. John Eilermann St. Louis

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Make a plan. As with everything in life, without a plan, one is bound to fail. Reading must be intentional. A reader should first assess their skill and build on what they can do. Follow a daily reading schedule to build the love and discipline for reading. It’s important to stick to the plan in order to reach a goal. Set micro goals so as to not strain the muscle. Getting tired early on could discourage one from continuing on with the plan. John Eilermann St. Louis.

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Interact with the text. Some people lose interest in reading soon as they encounter words and phrases they don’t understand. Keep a pen and notebook to note words and phrases that are confusing and turn the obstacle into a learning moment. Finding the book challenging is a good reason to keep going. However, it would be helpful to find other versions of the book that spark one’s interest. John Eilermann St. Louis.

There are sections of the book that offer a reader good momentum—take advantage of the force. Never mind the planned pages to read per day when one can exceed the count. It’s not every day one is impassioned about reading a long book. John Eilermann St. Louis.

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