A-Rod: From successful slugger to excellent commentator

Baseball fans around the world are divided when it comes to liking Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod, as many call him. The slugger has had one too many controversies surrounding his career that he was considered an outcast on the field. The former Yankee turned himself from a noteworthy slugger to a beloved commentator. John F. Eilermann Jr.

Image source: nytimes.com

Many successful professional athletes have ventured into the world of broadcasting following a career in professional sports. Not all of them proved to be as proficient on screen as they were in their sport. A-Rod has been breaking records since the beginning of his career and still proves to be the man to beat now that he has traded his bat for the microphone. John F. Eilermann Jr.

Image source: yanksgoyard.com

The athlete-preneur became a studio analyst for Fox Sports not long after he retired. The 2018 season saw him at the top of the network’s list to become part of its Sunday Night Baseball broadcast. The star baseball player was lined up with veterans in the booth analyst Jessica Mendoza and Matt Vasgersian. While fans were shocked by how well A-Rod was able to flow with the two, others were quick to note that Sunday Night Baseball was too focused on him. John F. Eilermann Jr.

The slugger-turned-commentator has improved since his first time on air. His commentary now sounds more confident and less scripted. Outside of baseball, A-Rod maintained his own show, “Back In the Game” where he helped celebrities build their net worth back up after falling on hard times. Rodriguez guest stars on “Shark Tank” and streams his own podcast and YouTube vlog. John F. Eilermann Jr.

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