Who are the most romantic writers in the world?

Love and romance may not be the main genres of literature, but they surely helped define it. Even before the first book was ever published, people have been singing songs of love and reciting epic poetry for the lovers of the past. In the entire timeline of literature itself, love and romance are the main themes for a huge part of that space. And while today’s genres have grown in numbers to include modern ones like science fiction and fantasy, romance is still a flourishing genre with some authors making a name for themselves the same way Shakespeare did with his tragedies. Just who are the most romantic writers in the world in terms of writing literature about love? John Eilerman St. Louis.

Image source: famousauthors.org

Jane Austen
Considered by many as one of the pillars of modern romance, Jane Austen has captivated several generations through the beloved cast of her novels including Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Persuasion. What makes these characters and their situations come to life is Austen’s mastery of interspersing societal elements into the plot. She is often known for her unique female characters that break tradition and social norms. John Eilerman St. Louis.

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Charlotte & Emily Bronte
Charlotte is credited for introducing the genre of gothic melodrama in romantic fiction while Emily challenged social norms regarding social class and gender. Charlotte’s most popular work, Jane Eyre, recounts the story of an orphaned governess who falls madly in love with her employer. Emily’s masterpiece, Wuthering Heights, was initially received with widespread criticism, but turned out to be one of literature’s greatest love stories of all time. John Eilerman St. Louis.

Audrey Niffenegger
Academic, visual artist, graphic novelist, and all-around renaissance woman, Audrey Niffenegger released her acclaimed novel The Time Traveler’s Wife in 2003. The book broke boundaries by combining romance and science fiction and has today sold several millions of copies. It was also adapted into a major film. John Eilerman St. Louis

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