Is your teen bored? Here are some books to get him into reading

Image source: The Artifice

With the recent virus, boredom strikes the 13-19 year-olds again and they have now been recluses from their own homes. With technology constantly evolving, it’s no mystery that these teens are most proficient with them and stick to them no matter what. If you want to pull them away once or twice, John F Eilermann recommends these books to get their boredom occupied! John Eilermann St. Louis .

The Giver
The Giver is a classic short novel by Lois Lowry. Its symbolisms are top notch and it has its own world compared to other forms of literature. With its different meanings and interpretations, it can definitely keep your teens up at night. It follows the story of a teenager who is constantly given memories of a past the community never knew. These memories are bound to emotions such as happiness, joy, sadness, anger, misery and much more. It only not relates to modern society but it relates a lot more with your kids by having the main character be a teenager with a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. John Eilermann St. Louis.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Image source: Den of Geek

Narnia is a big place for our big kids. This fantasy novel with its visual descriptions and teen romance will make your teenagers ask for more. The Chronicles of Narnia is a whole world in a book with creatures only seen in movies. This classic by C.S. Lewis describes the life of people in Narnia, a world in a magical wardrobe which depicts an ice witch’s battle against an ancient, wise lion who protects the world. It all boils down to the teenage protagonist to save everything. It’ll definitely interest you and your kids! John Eilermann St. Louis .

Alex Rider Series
If your kid is more of a Bond fan or really like cool gadgets, then look no further than the Alex Rider Series. This book series follows 15 year old Alex Rider as he gets recruited by the British spy organization, MI6, to undertake missions only a kid his age can do. With the amount of comrades, vile villains, and near death experiences, this book series will keep you hooked for days on end. Pick it up for a ride through a teenage spy’s life! John Eilermann St. Louis .

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