Useful tips in journal writing

Writing a journal can be a liberating activity, whether you choose to write it in the morning, or wait until the day ends, and write every thing before bedtime. The act of writing alone frees the mind of some needless rigidity. Sometimes our best ideas are slow to come, until we decide to write things down in a journal. John Eilerman St. Louis

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Today’s blog explores some ideas and useful tips about journal writing. John Eilerman St. Louis

Morning pages

Some suggest, as the day starts, to free-write, as much as possible, using a system called “morning pages.” These are (at the very least) three longhand pages of stream-of-consciousness writing – no rules, no filters, no structure. The purpose is to free the mind, and put every thing down on paper. John Eilerman St. Louis

Best time to write

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Writing in the morning is like a warm-up before an exercise, allowing blood to flow easily inside the veins. In a similar way, a morning journal affects the mind, throughout the day, to think clearly. Some advise, that morning journal should always come first, allowing no distractions from gadgets. On the other hand, journaling at night has relative peace and quiet, which makes writing more reflective in nature. John Eilerman St. Louis

Pen versus keys

Booklovers often argue about the touch and the smell of paper. On the other hand, several writing applications – with advance features – are showing signs of replacing the good old-fashioned notebook. This doesn’t have to be the case, always. Handwriting allows for a better grasp at the information we need to write. And it sharpens the writer’s thinking as well. John Eilerman St. Louis

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