Remembering Diego Maradona, a legend among champions

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Last month, the world lost one of the greatest sportsmen it has ever seen in Diego Maradona. Perhaps the most skilled footballer ever, nobody could quite emulate what Maradona did on the pitch in the biggest football games at the time.

Today, as a tribute, here are some jaw-dropping facts on the great Maradona. John Eilermann.

• Maradona was eight years old when he was scouted and recruited by a youth coach to join the Argentinos Juniors team.

• At the age of 12, Maradona started displaying his brilliance on the football pitch, which led a lot of observers to consider him a prodigy. John Eilermann.

• When Maradona was 15, he played in his first official game for the Argentinos Junior. He scored his first goal a month after his debut.

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• Maradona 115 goals for Argentinos Junior during his five years with them. Twenty-five years later, stadium management named the stadium after him.

• Maradona was 16 when he played his first national game for Argentina. John Eilermann.

• In 1981, Maradona joined popular Argentinian club Boca Juniors and helped the team win the title the year.

• In 1982, Maradona received $7.8 million for his transfer to F.C. Barcelona in Spain. It was his first of two record transfers. He is the only person in football history with two record transfers.

• Maradona helped F.C. Barcelona win the Spanish National Cup, the Copa del Rey, and the Spanish Super Cup in his second year with the club.

• Maradona is one of three F.C. Barcelona players in history to receive a standing ovation by the fans of their bitter rivals, Real Madrid. John Eilermann.


Is your teen bored? Here are some books to get him into reading

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With the recent virus, boredom strikes the 13-19 year-olds again and they have now been recluses from their own homes. With technology constantly evolving, it’s no mystery that these teens are most proficient with them and stick to them no matter what. If you want to pull them away once or twice, John F Eilermann recommends these books to get their boredom occupied! John Eilermann St. Louis .

The Giver
The Giver is a classic short novel by Lois Lowry. Its symbolisms are top notch and it has its own world compared to other forms of literature. With its different meanings and interpretations, it can definitely keep your teens up at night. It follows the story of a teenager who is constantly given memories of a past the community never knew. These memories are bound to emotions such as happiness, joy, sadness, anger, misery and much more. It only not relates to modern society but it relates a lot more with your kids by having the main character be a teenager with a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. John Eilermann St. Louis.

The Chronicles of Narnia

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Narnia is a big place for our big kids. This fantasy novel with its visual descriptions and teen romance will make your teenagers ask for more. The Chronicles of Narnia is a whole world in a book with creatures only seen in movies. This classic by C.S. Lewis describes the life of people in Narnia, a world in a magical wardrobe which depicts an ice witch’s battle against an ancient, wise lion who protects the world. It all boils down to the teenage protagonist to save everything. It’ll definitely interest you and your kids! John Eilermann St. Louis .

Alex Rider Series
If your kid is more of a Bond fan or really like cool gadgets, then look no further than the Alex Rider Series. This book series follows 15 year old Alex Rider as he gets recruited by the British spy organization, MI6, to undertake missions only a kid his age can do. With the amount of comrades, vile villains, and near death experiences, this book series will keep you hooked for days on end. Pick it up for a ride through a teenage spy’s life! John Eilermann St. Louis .


A-Rod: From successful slugger to excellent commentator

Baseball fans around the world are divided when it comes to liking Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod, as many call him. The slugger has had one too many controversies surrounding his career that he was considered an outcast on the field. The former Yankee turned himself from a noteworthy slugger to a beloved commentator. John F. Eilermann Jr.

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Many successful professional athletes have ventured into the world of broadcasting following a career in professional sports. Not all of them proved to be as proficient on screen as they were in their sport. A-Rod has been breaking records since the beginning of his career and still proves to be the man to beat now that he has traded his bat for the microphone. John F. Eilermann Jr.

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The athlete-preneur became a studio analyst for Fox Sports not long after he retired. The 2018 season saw him at the top of the network’s list to become part of its Sunday Night Baseball broadcast. The star baseball player was lined up with veterans in the booth analyst Jessica Mendoza and Matt Vasgersian. While fans were shocked by how well A-Rod was able to flow with the two, others were quick to note that Sunday Night Baseball was too focused on him. John F. Eilermann Jr.

The slugger-turned-commentator has improved since his first time on air. His commentary now sounds more confident and less scripted. Outside of baseball, A-Rod maintained his own show, “Back In the Game” where he helped celebrities build their net worth back up after falling on hard times. Rodriguez guest stars on “Shark Tank” and streams his own podcast and YouTube vlog. John F. Eilermann Jr.


Who are the most romantic writers in the world?

Love and romance may not be the main genres of literature, but they surely helped define it. Even before the first book was ever published, people have been singing songs of love and reciting epic poetry for the lovers of the past. In the entire timeline of literature itself, love and romance are the main themes for a huge part of that space. And while today’s genres have grown in numbers to include modern ones like science fiction and fantasy, romance is still a flourishing genre with some authors making a name for themselves the same way Shakespeare did with his tragedies. Just who are the most romantic writers in the world in terms of writing literature about love? John Eilerman St. Louis.

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Jane Austen
Considered by many as one of the pillars of modern romance, Jane Austen has captivated several generations through the beloved cast of her novels including Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Persuasion. What makes these characters and their situations come to life is Austen’s mastery of interspersing societal elements into the plot. She is often known for her unique female characters that break tradition and social norms. John Eilerman St. Louis.

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Charlotte & Emily Bronte
Charlotte is credited for introducing the genre of gothic melodrama in romantic fiction while Emily challenged social norms regarding social class and gender. Charlotte’s most popular work, Jane Eyre, recounts the story of an orphaned governess who falls madly in love with her employer. Emily’s masterpiece, Wuthering Heights, was initially received with widespread criticism, but turned out to be one of literature’s greatest love stories of all time. John Eilerman St. Louis.

Audrey Niffenegger
Academic, visual artist, graphic novelist, and all-around renaissance woman, Audrey Niffenegger released her acclaimed novel The Time Traveler’s Wife in 2003. The book broke boundaries by combining romance and science fiction and has today sold several millions of copies. It was also adapted into a major film. John Eilerman St. Louis


What were the pop culture trends during WWII?

John Eilermann. The Second World War changed the lives of millions of people all over the world. In the US, almost everything was about the war– from entertainment, fashion, and even food. Though sports became the public’s temporary escape, many athletes especially in baseball chose to serve the country. Check out this list of the most popular trends during the 40’s:

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Radio became a source of news and entertainment

John Eilermann. Before television and the internet, people relied on radio for their daily fix of news updates and entertainment. For families who were unable to go out of their homes, the radio shows were a way to keep themselves connected to the outside world. The music, the talk shows, and the dramas keep the listeners occupied. Whether the kids were studying or the adults were doing the chores, everyone was tuning in to their radios.

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Knitting for solidarity

In the US and in Britain, women turned to knitting. Aside from providing the soldiers with clothing that will keep them warm while they were far from home, the craft became an activity that allowed women to stay occupied during those troubled years. While there was a shortage in materials and manpower used for clothing, knitting became the solution. Instead of shelling out money to buy clothes, many turned to knitted garments during this era. Many knitting kits also featured patriotic patterns and colors, letting knitters know that they’re making a big contribution to the war effort. John Eilermann.

Smoking cigarettes

During the war, cigarettes were given to soldiers to ease their anxiety. Even after their conscription, soldiers continued to smoke. For those who remained home, the cigarettes were also a way for them to relax after a long day at work. While women were discouraged from smoking, a growing number already picked up the habit which led some brands to consider them for their advertisements. During this era, smoking cigarettes became somewhat therapeutic to many. John Eilermann.