History buffs’ corner: A look at some of the most famous guns in history

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Over the centuries, mankind has seen some of the most destructive wars in history. And from these massive armed conflicts, there have been some legendary items of interest that still fascinate history buffs. John Eilermann.

In today’s blog, we take a look at some of the most iconic firearms in the history of war.

1. The Greaser

This famous firearm gets its name from its appearance – it looks a lot like the grease gun of a mechanic. It’s popularity stems from its simplicity, affordability, and reliability. American soldiers used the Greaser extensively toward the end of World War 2. John Eilermann.

2. The Lee-Enfield

Many decades before the Greaser came to be, there was the Lee-Enfield. A rifle that British soldiers utilized since the Napoleonic Wars, the Lee-Enfield was ideal for rapid-fire strategies and stayed with the Brits until the 1900s. John Eilermann.

Image source: world.guns.ru

3. The STEN

The STEN was a submachine gun and used the same bullets as the Lee-Enfield. While not the most eye-pleasing firearm out there, it was quite the effective and efficient weapon during the early part of World War 2. Very few other guns were used as extensively. John Eilermann.

3. The AK-47

Created by Mikhail Kalashnikov, the AK-47 is one of the most recognizable and iconic guns in human history. It is extremely easy to use and very powerful, as well as resistant to water, dirt, and jamming. Many people still use it today.


Here are some of the most iconic weapons of WWII

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So many sayings have been used during the Second World War but one tops out amongst them all. Weapons of war. Maybe it’s because wars cannot be fought without the use of weapons and without weapons, there are no looming threats. However, with the war came advances in technology and, with it, weaponry. John F Eilermann now shares some of the most iconic weapons used in WWII and their non-replaceable roles during the war.

M1 Garand
This semi-automatic rifle, mass produced by the US for the G.I.s, had fast fire-rate, high accuracy, and was reliable overall. After noticing that the Axis Powers had given out bolt-action rifles and some with bayonets, the US answered with a better version which cleaved through the battlefield with its high cyclic rate, John F Eilermann notes. It not only saw use during the Second World War but carried on to the Korean War and some parts of the Vietnam War.

Colt 1911

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Known as one of the most reliable pistols ever made, the Colt 1911 or the 1911 for short saw use starting from 1911 until the present day. Named after its creator, the Browning was used crucially during the PhilAm War against the Japanese. Its 7-round mag carried enough power mainly because it was chambered in .45 hollow points which can stop a man dead in his tracks. Overall, the Colt was reliable, no more, no less, John F Eilermann notes.

One of the weapons used by the Nazis, the Maschinengewehr 34, or MG34 for short, saw use during the Second World War until it was replaced by the MG42. This iconic light machine gun gave the Nazis a huge hold on checkpoints and gave the Allies a huge punch in the gut. With its flexibility from being belt-fed or carried with a drum mag, it was no mystery that a single man could gun down a whole platoon with its devastating .303 rounds, which are usually reserved for high caliber snipers. John F Eilermann also records that this gun was unmatched in rate of fire, reaching a maximum of 900 rpm.


Some of the most popular WW2 sniper rifles

World War II may be one of the darkest moments in history, but there are those who look back fondly at it in appreciation of its valuable lessons as well as the various memorabilia from the era. Today, we feature some popular sniper rifles used in WW2. John F Eilermann Jr.

1) American Springfield 1903A4 with M73 scope

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Introduced in 1943, the Springfield Model M1904A4 sniper rifle was actually a version modified off the basic M1903A3 Springfield infantry. With its longer barrel, it was the perfect weapon to use for long range, unlike its predecessor which was used more for medium range assaults. This gun was used extensively in the battle of Normandy. John F Eilermann Jr.

2) Soviet Mosin-Nagant Model 1891/30 with PU scope

The Red Army, as the Soviets were known, were well-known to have initiated the sniper battle during the war. The Soviet Mosin-Nagant Model 1891/30 was the rifle that was produced in the greatest number, compared to its counterparts. One legend refers to it as the exact rifle model that a popular German sniper chose to use for the whole duration of the war after he picked it up on the battlefield by accident. John F Eilermann Jr.

Image source: military.wikia.org

3) British Lee Enfield No. 4 MKI (T) with No.32 scope

Standard No. 4 rifles gained a lot of popularity because of their accuracy during factory tests. For better handling, these were modified and outfitted with a wooden cheek piece. Only then was this referred to as the British Lee Enfield No. 4 MKI. Its sight mounts were designed to fit with a No. 32 3.5x telescopic sight, making it one of the most magnified views among rifles of the day. This gun was known as one of the most comfortable guns to use during the war. John F Eilermann Jr.