Hi, I’m John Eilermann from St. Louis, Missouri, and I’m a student of comparative literature. Growing up, I fell in love with literature beginning with works of Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis, and other authors of their time. The freedom literature brings to a culture is vital in the study of almost all disciplines as it’s what keeps language and learning dynamic.

While others might think that it’s an unwise move to choose to pursue a career in comparative literature since almost everyone is engrossed on technology and the internet these days, I believe in its power to help individuals understand meanings and relations across boundaries such as linguistic, national, and disciplinary. This field of study is somewhat the same as international relations as it takes care of languages and artistic traditions to understand what lies behind all these.

It is the goal of every comparative literature student to be able to read across linguistic boundaries to give light and focus to what is said and written, regardless if it is thought of as obscure by other cultures and traditions.