Goal! The ideal football striker

Image source: goal.com

There’s no question that the most exciting time in football is when the striker performs a great first touch from a good pass.  As soon as that happens, people start erupting in cheers.  And when the striker scores, there’s virtually nothing like it in the world of sports.


There have been amazing football strikers since the game was established.  From classic forwards such as Eusebio and Gerd Muller to Marco Van Basten and Roberto Baggio to Gabriel Batistuta, the Brazilian Ronaldo, and Thierry Henry, strikers have captured the imagination of spectators everywhere.

Image source: fifa.com

The best football strikers have more than one thing in common.

First, they have a scent for goals.  Like sharks that smell blood in the water, the best strikers can envision a goal from far away.  They can see their path towards the ball, and the route after that towards the goal.

Secondly, the best strikers are relentless attackers.  After they sense a possible goal, they do everything they can to receive the ball and attack.  They even go after opposing defenders and goalies to create opportunities.

Speaking of creating opportunities, ideal strikers are creative.  They can think of ways to score a goal that other footballers can’t imagine.

Finally, to tie everything together, the greatest strikers are incredible physical specimens.  They work tirelessly to make themselves stronger and faster than almost anyone else on their team.

Hello, I’m John Eilermann, a huge football fan.  Learn more about me and the stuff I love by following me on Twitter.


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