Teaching children to love and appreciate reading

John F. Eilermann St. Louis. Most children these days devour games on smartphones, tablets, and computers instead of books. The number of kids reading books has declined significantly over the past decades. Due to parents and teachers wanting children to be read, they are under unnecessary pressure to do so.

Image source: unitedway.org

Audiobooks count as reading. These have become popular over the past decades, and many adults had developed a love for reading when they first learned of their favorite books through listening. Having children listen to audiobooks can also help them with fluency or the ability to read text quickly with precision and expression. Children learn best through modeling. Parents must be intentional in modeling to their children the love for reading. John F. Eilermann St. Louis.

Image source: edsurge.com

Make time to go to the library. And if possible, have a fixed schedule for the activity. Ask which books they’d like to borrow and have them go through the whole process at the library. Read together. This does not only encourage kids to read, but also develop a strong bond between a child and a parent. There will always be reluctant readers. Smart comics are less intimidating to read, helping reluctant readers have a fun time reading and craving for more. John F. Eilermann St. Louis.

Surround kids with books. At an early age, kids need to be familiar with the sight of books around the house. Children are naturally curious and would pick up anything that sparks their curiosity. A home that’s conducive to reading produces children who have love and fondness for reading. John F. Eilermann St. Louis.

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